The Value in Affirmation Boards

Affirmation board

Affirmation Board


Today I put together the affirmation board in the picture above. I’m launching my Transform Your Life in 60 Days Blueprint next month and one of things we’ll do in the course is create affirmations. Most people have heard of vision boards but I think affirmation boards are still mostly unheard of. I hadn’t heard of them myself until I thought to create one. Once I did some research I found that there is already such thing.

Affirmations are a powerful tool to help transform your life. With repetition you can reprogram your subconscious mind to believe the affirmations. When I’m teaching clients about success principles I tell them, “You cannot be suspicious of success and expect to experience success.” What this means is that if you automatically reject or downplay another person’s success you’ll be unlikely to experience that success for yourself. If you know who Jennifer Hudson is you know she lost a lot of weight. Everyone was saying she must have had surgery.  They were suspicious of her weight loss success. If someone thinks it’s impossible to lose weight with diet and exercise there is a high probability that they will not lose weight with diet and exercise. In fact, there’s a high probability they won’t even try.

That’s the key behind repeating affirmations to yourself. You are reframing your beliefs, recharging your hope, returning to faith.  Just by committing to repeat positive statements about yourself, your life, your future, etc. you can start to believe those statements. What you believe in you are more inclined to put action behind.

An affirmation board is a way to display those affirmations so that they are a part of your daily life. Just like a vision board is designed to keep your life’s vision in front of you the affirmation board keeps the affirmations that will help you achieve the vision in front of you. It serves as a reminder to say your affirmations whenever you walk past the board.

Do you need both a vision and an affirmation board? I happen to have both. My vision board has pictures of locations I’d like to visit and the house I’d like to live in. It has directives for how I want to live my life:

“Be a seven figure sister earning millions doing what you love.”

“Live, work, play.”

“Take back your freedom.”

My affirmation board on the other hand has no pictures, just affirmations.  These affirmations speak to who I am and the direction my life is going in such as:

“I am getting better and better everyday in every way.”

“I go after the things I want in life.”

“The universe is on my side.”

My affirmation board helps me to stay focused, committed, and encouraged.  My vision board visualizes where I want to be provided I stay focused, committed, and encouraged long enough to get there.

If you’ve tried vision boards and they weren’t for you I suggest you give the affirmation board a shot. I was working with a small group of people creating individual vision boards and over half of the participates couldn’t grasp the concept of a vision board. Many had never even heard of a vision board before. Some people find it difficult to visualize and conceptualize things.  Vision boards aren’t black and white. The pictures and words can mean something different to everyone.  It’s difficult for some people to take a picture or statement from a magazine and apply to their dream life. With affirmation boards is a little easier to describe or write out what beliefs you want to adopt as your own. I recommend trying both boards or one or the other to see which one(s), if any help you achieve your goals.

Have you used affirmations before? What were your results? What do you think about creating a board for your affirmations?

Charlene Dior

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