But You’re Doing It

On Friday, I went out for a night on the town with my good friend, Chavonne, founder of Blended Family Bliss. We’re both knee deep in building our businesses and a bit introverted (me more than her). As a result, we don’t always connect as much as we should, but we’re working on it. Right, Chavonne? 

Anyway, I was telling Chavonne how much I had going on – painting and cleaning a rental property and working with three different contractors to get it ready for the next tenant (this was unexpected as the tenant broke her lease), an usher ministry meeting at church, going through the first round edits from my upcoming book, plus a date with a guy I met on a dating app (trying to get my love life together). My weekend felt jam packed and overwhelming.

Chavonne so nonchalantly said to me, “But you’re doing it.”

She was right. I was doing it and that’s what matters. There’s a lot going on in this season of my life, but I’m showing up and handling my business. That’s what counts.

Sometimes when I’m overwhelmed (such as now) I repeat to myself the mantra, “Successful people make sacrifices.” Yes, I have to sacrifice some money right now. I’m sacrificing sleep. I’m sacrificing mental rest. But it’s worth it. It’s for my success.

If you find yourself buried by your to do list, I say to you what Chavonne said to me, “But you’re doing it.” That’s the important thing. If everything on your to to list is critical (right now) to creating the life you want and you’re doing it, you’re on the right track. You’re slaying the game. Hang in there.

If on the other hand you’re not doing it I say, “Successful people make sacrifices.” Make the sacrifices you need to make to create the success you desire. Success doesn’t happen any other way.

And if you have someone to support you on the journey remember to stay connected!

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