It’s Okay to Take A Break

Taking a break is okay

Today is a podcast day. A new podcast generally goes live on Tuesdays. But today that will not be the case. I usually prepare in advance for each episode, but since I’ve been blogging daily I haven’t taken the time to draft a podcast episode for this week. On top of that I’ve had a tension headache for days now. I’m wondering if it’s too much sitting in front of the computer for hours writing blog posts and creating image day after day. So even though I planned to record an episode tonight I’ve decided not too.

I’m taking a break for today.

And that’s okay.

It’s okay to take a break. It’s okay to cancel your plans. It’s okay to change your mind. It’s okay to miss a deadline or skip a meeting.

Sometimes we’re so reluctant to do the thing that is best for us in the moment because we worry about looking flaky. Or we worry about what people will say. Or we beat ourselves up for not being disciplined enough. I get it. I preach about discipline as well. It’s an important part of creating a life you love and accomplishing your goals.

But what’s more important than your discipline is your physical, mental, emotional, financial, and spiritual well-being. If any of those things are at risk of deteriorating stop what you’re doing and devote your attention to your well-being. That’s what self-care is. Self-care is taking care of yourself above all the other demands of life and success.

Above being disciplined. Discipline can lead to burnout. Burnout is exactly what it sounds like. You are out for the count. How does that help you stay on top of life and family responsibilities? It doesn’t. Burnout does way more harm than taking a break.

Above following through on an agreement that doesn’t align with who you are and what you want. Sometimes being flaky keeps your well-being in tact.

Above looking like we have it all together and can handle it all. Letting things fall apart can save your spirit.

I wanted to write this post because: One, I’ve endeavored to blog everyday this month. So if there’s no podcast something must take it’s place. Writing this will take twenty minutes compared to the hours of recording and editing a podcast episode.

And two, I wanted you to know that everyone struggles with keeping all of their commitments. Everyone says no after they said yes. Everyone skips something on their to-do list.

Everyone needs a break.

I could push myself to get the podcast done. The truth is I almost did. But I couldn’t. I don’t want to throw something together. And honestly, I just don’t feel like it.

And that’s okay too. It’s okay simply not to feel like it sometimes.

They key is not to use “I don’t feel like it” as an excuse to be lazy, undisciplined, or unfocused. The key is to not say yes and then say no because you don’t know how to tell your truth. Or because you’re being a people pleaser. The key is not to come off as flaky because you’re inconsiderate or unreliable. The key is not to do it all the time.

I’m definitely not saying to be someone who breaks agreements, backs out, never adheres to their schedule or otherwise is a mess. I’m saying it’s okay to take it easy when you need to. And only you know if your intentions are pure or not.

I walk what I write as much as possible. And today I’m not adhering to my pre-determined schedule. I’m skipping this week on the podcast. I’m taking a break.

And that’s okay.

If you need to take a break please do. Take a break before you break. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Don’t try to be superman or superwoman. Do what you need to do for your well-being.

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes…even you.” – Anne Lamott


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