Video: Stop Leaving Opportunity on the Table of Life

Are you leaving opportunity on the table of life?

Leaving something on the table generally refers to negotiating.

For example, I remember wanting to change jobs a few years ago. My employer was relocating and I had just bought my first house. I didn’t want to change cities. Plus, my family is here in Houston.

I applied and interviewed for a role at a particular company. Luckily, I was offered a position. Unfortunately, the salary was less than I was making at the time. For the first time ever I negotiated. I went back to the HR rep and asked for more money.

They obliged. The offer was revised. Yet it was still too low. It didn’t make sense to change firms for a measly two thousand dollars annually.

In my mind, the negotiating was over. I told them my needs yet they couldn’t match them. I declined the offer. It was a Friday afternoon. On Monday, my phone rings. The HR rep says, “Charlene, we’re still interested in you. There is still money on the table.”

I got up from the table thinking I had exploited every opportunity, but I hadn’t. I couldn’t see their hand. I couldn’t see that there was more money on the table. (I still didn’t accept the offer, but that’s another story for another day).

When we are born we’re given a seat at the table of life. On that table is a plethora of opportunity for us to take advantage of.

There are spiritual opportunities, financial opportunities, physical opportunities. We have opportunities to explore, experience, feel and so much more. We can’t see all the opportunities. Sometimes other opportunities are in the way.

Most people don’t take full advantage of all the opportunity right in front of them. Even the ones that they can see yet alone the opportunities that they can’t see. Some people get up from the table with opportunity left behind.

Embrace the motto, “No opportunity left behind”.

A friend of mine went to Las Vegas earlier this year. When he returned to Atlanta he posted on his Facebook, “Vegas don’t owe me nothing!” In other words, he took advantage of all the opportunity Vegas had to offer. He left no opportunity behind. Vegas had no remaining debt to him.

When my life is over, I want to be able to say, “Life don’t own me nothing,” because I took advantage of it all. I explored it all. I tried it all. I loved it all.

I believe in exploring and pursuing life’s opportunities. Maybe not all of them. Definitely the ones that interest you.

Don’t sit on your opportunities.

Don’t let fear or insecurity or lack of skill stop you from capitalizing on the opportunities available to you.

Don’t leave your opportunities behind.

Tony Robbins has been quoted as saying, “It’s not the goal that matters. It’s the person you have to become to accomplish the goal that matters.”

Who do you have to become to be the woman who leaves no opportunity behind? You might need a certain mindset. Maybe your confidence needs increasing. Maybe you need to strengthen your courage muscle.

What opportunities are you sitting on right now? Be honest. What’s standing in your way?

If you’re ready to become the kind of woman who takes advantage of all of life’s opportunities I invite you to a private and complimentary clarity call with me. Sign up at www.transformwithcharlene.com.


Charlene Dior

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