Spring: A Season For Transformation

Butterflies in Spring

It’s spring! Spring is a great time to focus on where you are compared to where you want to be.  It’s a time where we take inventory of our lives.  Hence, the term Spring Cleaning. Out with the old, in with the new.  It’s so inspiring to see all the transformation around me. My flowers are starting to bloom after being dead all winter.  I have two beautiful rose bushes that are absolutely stunning this time of year. Out of no where the roses started to bloom. One week I’m looking at just bare branches and the next week I’m taken away by the pink colored knockout roses.

I also had a rather unpleasant experience this spring as well.  I’ve had about 15 wasps in my house over the course of three weeks. Apparently, they were hibernating in my attic during the winter and now they’re looking for a place to build their nests. Not in my house!

If the roses know it’s time to re-bloom and the wasps know it’s time to re-build, do you know it’s time to recreate? To re-dream? To transform your life? Take this time of transition and transformation to take stock of your life. Do you need to revisit your goals for the year? Maybe recommit to your new year’s resolution? Maybe there’s a new dream in your heart. Do you need to plant those seeds in the ground?

It’s a beautiful time of year. Flowers are blooming and birds are chirping.  Be inspired. Let your life be the blooming and your laughter be the chirping.

Happy Spring!


Charlene Dior

Blogger, author, podcast, investor, marketer, sister, daughter, pet mom, friend and Christian. Personal growth junkie who loves the idea that a caterpillar can transform into a butterfly! ? Grab my bestselling book From Caterpillar to Butterfly: Transform the Life You Have into the Life You Love on Amazon! Available in paperback or as an ebook.

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