July Daily Disciplines: Day 10 Check-In

Today is Day 10 of my  31 Day Challenge to be disciplined in key areas of my life. Read the background details here: Daily Discipline 31 Day Challenge.

Here’s my Day 10 Check-In:

Read the bible everyday – ☑ I continued in Matthew today. I sort of abandoned Exodus (for the time being) because I wanted to learn more about Jesus. I’ve heard or read these stories before, but I’ve just been especially interested in getting to know Jesus better lately.

Walk the dog at least once a day – ☑

Drink at least 64 ounces of water everyday – ❌ Similar to yesterday I didn’t quite get in enough water. It’s a quarter til 10 so I’m going to try to get the rest in before I go to bed.

Blog once a day – ☑ Check out the blog I published earlier today titled “How to Stay Ready.”

Eat healthy – ☑ Eating on lock today! I’m learning weekends are a trouble spot for me. I have to work on that.

Exercise on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday – N/A

Participate in Church Services Sunday/Monday/Wednesday – ☑

Charlene Dior

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