One-on-One Business Coaching

Why Get One-size-fits-all Business Coaching?

One on One Biz Coaching Houston TXYou’re not one-size-fits-all and neither is your business!


Hi, I’m Charlene. I’m a life and business coach. Ready to help you take your business to the next level. I offer one on one business coaching to entrepreneurs who want to take their business to the next level. Whether you’re just start out or still trying to figure it out I can help. If you’re tired of trying to do this all by yourself keep reading. No one ever achieves success by themselves. Regardless of who supports you, you need some support!

The problem with group coaching programs

Group coaching is all the rage right now. I know. I’ve participated in my own group coaching program. What I found is that it wasn’t geared toward me and where I was in my business.  Everyone studies the same prerecorded modules regardless of where they are in their business or their previous background. Take me for example. When I needed clarity on by business idea we were learning blogging 101. When I needed strategies to monetize by interests we were launching Facebook campaigns. Plus, I’ve worked in marketing my entire career and here I was taking the same marketing 101 module as the entrepreneur with a education background. That just didn’t work for me!

Or maybe you’ve already participated in a group coaching program. You’ve learned a lot. You’ve implemented some strategies and you’ve seen some results in your business. But now you’ve plateaued again. Will another group coaching program help move you forward? Or is it time for one on one personalized coaching and support?

The Benefits of One on One Coaching

Why group coaching programs don't work

  • No one size fits all, cookie cutter modules
  • No annual agreements (one year is too long if you’re not getting results!!)
  • No listening to other students going on and on about their dog or other irrelevant things
  • No waiting for the next module to be released so you can make progress

Benefits of one on one business coaching

  • Personalized support and coaching where you need it most
  • Laser focused attention on you and how to move your business forward
  • Short term agreement. 3 months is long enough to accomplish specific goals without being locked in past the point of progress
  • No wasting time on group calls that don’t stay on topic and are not productive
  • Move at the speed of your business not a group

How it works:

Step 0 – Is it Win/Win?

First you will schedule a complimentary clarity session with me. We’ll talk about what you hope to achieve, what I provide and set expectations. I’m really big on creating win/win relationships and this call will make sure we are both set up to win. If it’s not a good fit on either side the process will end here. No hard feelings.

Step 1 – Business Dump

We’ll deep dive into where you are in your business. Everything there is to know about your business will be “dumped” on me. During this step we identify where you want to go and start to map out a plan for how to get there. Specific goals will be established for the term of our partnership (usually 3 or 6 months).

Step 2 – Coaching/Consulting

Each week we will work together to move you toward the specific to you goals set in Step 1. You will have action items, worksheets, stretch assignments, mindset coaching, basically whatever you need to achieve what you said you wanted to achieve. I’ll be right there with every step of the way. I’m committed to helping you WIN.

Step 3 – Wrap Up

At the end of the coaching term we will officially wrap up our time together. We will discuss pre/post performance and results. What’s next for you and any last coaching for how you move forward. I want you to leave confident in your abilities to continue to grow your business.

Step 4 – Catch Up / Reinforcement

Final coaching call 4-6 weeks after the end of the coaching partnership to catch up on how you’re doing and answer any questions/concerns.


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What makes me qualified?

First let’s discuss the basics. I have a bachelor’s of science degree in Business Administration plus an MBA with a concentration in Marketing. I’ve spent 10 years in corporate America at Fortune 500 companies in Marketing and Analytics role. This coupled with my coaching certification makes me the perfect person to partner with you towards your business success. Specifically, I:


  • Managed multi million dollar advertising budgets with a emphasis on digital marketing
  • Added over one million dollars to the bottom line at one of the largest airlines in the US. How? By studying customer behavior and implementing optimizations to maximum revenue.
    • What offers are consumers taking? What offers are they not taking? What happens to conversion rates if I increase pricing? Decrease?
  • Launched dozens of new products and markets
  • Dubbed as the Analytics Guru
  • Strategy, strategy, & more strategy devised by real data and actionable insights
  • Experience in everything from marketing research to campaign management, strategy development/execution, marketing analytics and more.



Since I offer one on one coaching I can only partner with a hand full of businesses. Even if you’re not completely sure go ahead and schedule the complimentary clarity call with me to hold your spot. You have nothing to lose!

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What people are saying about Charlene:

Working for Charlene is quite refreshing because she is someone ready!
Her requests are clear and informative, which in turn helps my job move faster and more efficiently.

When we speak about her projects she always display patience and clarity, and takes more than the needed time to help out.
I can only wish other staff members in my working adventures would be this cool… and Professional. 🙂 Mike L.


Almost immediately, she put me at ease with her deep knowledge of online marketing and best practices. Her pragmatism, patience, willingness to offer suggestions/alternatives and ability to work well with others ……. gained a ton of my respect and I welcome the opportunity to work with her in the future. Brian D.


Charlene is an incredibly dedicated worker who takes her job very seriously. She puts all of her efforts into every task, and succeeds due to her hard work and perseverance. I would be honored to work on any type of project with Charlene in the future, as I know it would only lead to success with her on the team. Jamie W.


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