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Welcome to the From Caterpillars To Butterflies personal growth podcast. Just like the caterpillar is destined to become a butterfly you too are designed for a beautiful transformation. This is where you go to grow and transform your life. I am your host Charlene Dior, certified life coach and personal growth junkie. If it can help you grow there’s a very good chance it is (or will be) covered on this podcast. I am such an advocate for personal growth. I believe that’s what we’re here on earth for – to grow. I also find that we are afraid of growth. Yet, it is the very thing that will set us free and help us achieve our wildest dreams.

We can accomplish whatever we desire if we are willing to grow into the person that can achieve those things. It’s time to stop settling for the life we have because we’re too afraid to grow. It’s time to learn more about who we really are, what’s really holding us back, what we’re really capable of and more. It’s time to develop new habits, new thought processes, and bigger goals. It’s time to get our wings. It’s time to become a butterfly. 🦋

Okay, so I’m off my soap box. 😂 Just know that I believe strongly in making personal growth a lifestyle. If you walk away with nothing else I hope you walk away with an understanding of how important our own growth is.

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