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Hi! I’m Charlene, the ♥ Your Life coach. I help people transform their lives, find their true selves, and get to happy by getting real with themselves, about themselves. I am the person women call when it’s bigger than their relationship and they don’t need a relationship coach. It’s bigger than their career and they don’t need a career coach. They don’t even have a business (yet), so they don’t need a business coach. It’s life. They need a transformation coach.  I work with women to provide them with the tools and resources they need to finally get out of their own way and create the life they were designed to live.

From Caterpillars to Butterflies

A caterpillar is put here on this earth for the sole purpose of becoming a butterfly. I often think, if God destined a creepy, crawly insect like the caterpillar to transform into a beautiful, highly adored masterpiece with wings what does He have in store for you and I? The advantage of the caterpillar, however, is that she doesn’t have other little caterpillar friends and family telling her that she cannot do it. No one is telling her how crazy she must be or how impossible it is to fly. She’s not telling herself it’s impossible, that she’s tried before and failed. The caterpillar just does. She follows her instincts and transforms her life.

I was a caterpillar

There was a time in my life where everything was just blah. I wanted so much to create a better, more fulfilling life for myself. It felt so out of reach. I was unhappy and dissatisfied. My soul was hurting. Everyday felt like the day before. No growth. No progress.  We are meant to transform. That’s why when things start to feel the same for too long we get antsy. Life isn’t meant to be an experience of being stuck, stale or stagnant. But that’s the way I felt at this juncture in my life. I wish I would have known enough to seek support. I didn’t. I suffered alone.

One day, I happened to be in Barnes and Nobles in the Starbucks section. I saw a coffee mug with the quote “Just when the caterpillar thought its world was over, it became a butterfly…” That quote touched my soul and I’ve been obsessed with caterpillars and butterflies ever since. Caterpillars teach us that growth and transformation are not only natural, but very beautiful as well.

From shy girl to fly girl (butterfly that is)

Growing up I never really felt comfortable in my own skin. I was the “shy” girl. I never wanted to be seen. I didn’t raise my hand in class even when I knew the answer. I didn’t want the whole class looking at me. So I hid. I attempted to be invisible by never participating. This followed me all through college. I wasn’t only not participating in class. Truthfully, I wasn’t participating in life.

In my twenties when I went through this period of dissatisfaction, I spent a lot of time thinking, reflecting, and meditating. Through the process I had an epiphany. There was an incident when I was probably in kindergarten or the first grade. My family and I were at a baseball game my older brother was playing in. I, for some reason I can’t recall, was standing on top of a car crying while being videotaped. Parents love to film their children. I don’t remember much about that particular day, but I remember the days and years that followed. The videotape of me standing on top of the car crying was often played as I was growing up. My cousins and siblings would gather around the TV and laugh in amusement as I stood by humiliated. I turned into the shy girl, because my earliest experience of being the center of attention was one of embarrassment and ridicule. Everyone had a good laugh at my expense except for me. Who would blame me for going into a shell, or should I say cocoon?

As life went on the shell that I had built around me to protect myself was hindering me. I wanted more for my life, but I couldn’t seem to get out of my own way. I had built a defense mechanism around me. Nothing could get in and nothing could get out.

But I had so much inside of me I wanted to get out. 168721_10100456453934530_7451067_n

I had to come to a new decision. I decided not to let my past, fears, or insecurities hold me back anymore. I decided to live my best life. I now have a great life I’m extremely proud of and grateful for. I’ve traveled the world. I went to London and Paris alone. I’m so committed to living my dream life I don’t care who’s not on board. I’m on board and that’s all that matters. I took a crazy risk and stepped into real estate investing. I purchased several homes before I even turned 29. I published a book on Amazon. I’m living my authentic life, finally.  I no longer live based on the past. Today, I don’t just participate in life. I direct my life.

Don Miguel Ruiz talks about this in The Four Agreements. We make all kinds of agreements about life and about ourselves without much thought. At times, we don’t even believe the agreements we’ve made. But somehow we’ve come to live our life based on these agreements. Our life script is filled with scenes and characters and story lines that don’t align with our truest self. Even if they used to align with us, they don’t align with the woman we are today or the woman we want to be tomorrow. It’s time to make new agreements and to write a new life script.

If any of this resonated with you, you are definitely in the right place. Get comfortable, open your heart and mind, and get ready to transform your life!

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Charlene Dior’s Official Bio:

Charlene Dior is a certified life coach in Houston, TX who specializes in self awareness and authenticity. She is certified as a self hypnosis and mindfulness meditation instructor. Charlene has over four years experience coaching young women towards their specific goals. Additionally, her passion for helping people live their best lives led her to mentoring young girls entering college working towards choosing their dream career and young girls in juvenile detention working towards learning to make better decisions for a better life. Charlene has been featured on Real Talk Radio and The Awakening Life in addition to numerous newspapers. Charlene is an MBA graduate with 8+ years experience working in various marketing functions across several Fortune 500 companies. In addition to her corporate career, Charlene also dabbles in real estate investing, owning several rental properties in the Houston area. She has traveled the world having visited Paris, London, Canada, Brazil, Central America and Asia, to name a few. Charlene is a passionate optimistic who believes everyone can live their dream life with the right tools, support, and coaching.