FCTB016: How To Get Ish Done When You’re Feeling Unmotivated

That is what I wanted to discuss and share with everyone on this episode. Even I am not impervious to such moments but I have devised some techniques to get myself out of this state, which I hope will be helpful for all of you to get remotivated and start moving again.

I am a big believer in self-awareness. Knowing one’s self is critical in all facets of your life, but for this specific subject we’re tackling today, this includes knowing what causes the feeling of not wanting to do what you know you need to do. In other words, what motivates and demotivates you – this way you can personalize your strategy to get that motivation up again (2:20).

I tend to be very introverted and enjoy alone time, and while this is a source of my energy, if I don’t get to have some social interactions and get stuck in my cocoon for too long, I get demotivated – this is an example of knowing one’s self. This allows me to specify what needs to be done to re-ignite the fire (3:01).

Still part of self-awareness is asking yourself questions that will get you to the bottom of what’s causing unmotivated-ness.

Ask yourself:

  • Did something change in your routine that has made you feel unmotivated, or should something be changing (4:51)?
  • Is there something you’re avoiding (5:27)?
  • Acknowledging the answers to these questions and knowing the telltale signs that demotivation is creeping in can help mitigate it from happening (6:12).

Below are suggested techniques that worked for me to get remotivated:

Let music be your friend. Music can change your mood and remotivate you. There might be a specific song, playlist, album or even genre that can get you in the zone to start moving and doing what needs to be done (6:39).

Use intervals. You can do things in small intervals, maybe up the intervals in increments after some time, but you don’t need to do a huge chunk of the work at once, start small and little by little you’re getting things done (8:52).

Seek out inspiration. This can be in the form of before and after pictures, vision boards, progress reports, people who inspire you. Know what or who is it that inspire you. Pull out your inspiration/s be it physically, digitally or in your mind – and let it pull you forward (10:00).

Make yourself accountable to someone. An accountability partner helps you make progress and achieve your goals. People tend to honor commitments to other people than themselves so it helps to get a buddy to keep you on track or call you out when needed (10:35).

Visualize. Leverage the power of visualization. This technique might be more for long term goals – seeing yourself already in your goal or final result. Guided meditation is one way to effectively visualize, reprogram and psyche yourself to start doing what needs to be done (12:27).

Base your decisions on your goals, not your feelings. Being tired doesn’t mean you will quit, your goal stays as is no matter what your current feelings are. Your decisions, actions, and behavior should be in congruence with your goals. Let your goals pull you forward (13:51).

Just do it. What may seem like an overwhelming mountain of a task is actually just a group of small chunks of things that can be done little by little. Stop thinking what needs to be done when you can just easily get moving and doing. Everything will be done with before you know it (14:45).

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I hope this episode gets you remotivated if there is something that you’ve been putting off, and gets your butt off the couch and start doing what just needs to be done.

Do you have similar struggles? Feeling a bit on the slump and need some extra nudge? Maybe I can help you with your challenges, email me at charlene@fromcaterpillarstobutterflies.com or leave me a note in the comments section and I’ll get back to you. If you know anyone who’ll benefit from this episode, do share this episode with them too.

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Again, thanks for listening and the support – til next time.

Charlene Dior

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