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Life Balance Wheel

It’s easy for life to become unbalanced. You know what they say, “They squeaky wheel gets the grease.” Focusing on the “noisiest” areas of our lives may lead to neglecting other equally important areas of our lives. The noise may be in the form of an extremely stressful area like finances or it may be a demanding area such as work/career. As a result your relationships suffer. Your health suffers. It’s critical to reassess your current situation and re-balance areas as necessary.

I have provided the Life Balance Wheel below to help you do just that. I recommend printing out at least two copies. One for your current state and one for your desired state. Fill in each slice of the pie according to how satisfied you are with that particular area. Once you’re done assess whether your current situation works for you. If not, fill in the second copy with how you’d like things to be. Understand that every slice doesn’t have to be filled in 100%. You will have to make compromises. The key is to be content with your compromises and the consequences. Once you’ve created your future state map out a plan for how you will re-balance. Give yourself a deadline. Solicit help from friends and family. Come back to this exercise once your deadline has arrived to see if you accomplished your goal. If not, don’t fret! Just start again at the beginning.

Life balance wheel

Life Balance Wheel