4 Ways Successful People Think Differently

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Successful people think differently.

That’s why someone can achieve massive levels of success. Lose it all. Then gain it back and then some. They just think differently.

It’s not that they have more luck, more talent, or more intellect. It’s their mind power.

Successful people think differently.

I can.

Successful people think, “I can” not, “I can’t.” Unsuccessful people think, “I can’t.” If you don’t think you can do something you won’t even try. If you do try, at the first obstacle you meet you’ll give up. You’ll tell yourself, “I knew I couldn’t do that. What was I thinking?” Successful people believe they can and they do. When they are met with opposition they plow right through it.


Marie Forleo says that everything is “figure out-able”. Successful people figure things out. They think in terms of solutions not problems. Air Bnb, a game changer in the hospitality industry was born out of a problem. A couple guys in California couldn’t pay their rent, but they didn’t dwell on the problem. They brainstormed solutions. They blew up an air mattress and rented out space in their home. Air Bnb was born.

Unsuccessful people dwell on their problems. They get together with other unsuccessful people and compare problems. They don’t talk solutions. They don’t take action. They count their 99 problems.


We live in a culture where everything is “FML.” I hate that saying. I often hear it said over the most trivial things.

“I got stuck in traffic on the way to work. FML.”

“My favorite TV show isn’t coming on tonight. FML.”

Really? FML? Over traffic?

Successful people don’t go around cursing life. They believe life is on their side. They believe that when they want something the entire universe conspires to help them achieve it. Successful people say, “LML.” They love their life and life loves them.

Great > Good.

There’s this story of two men and a dog sitting on a porch. The dog is whimpering. (Sounds a bit like my dog, Ivy. She whimpers for no reason all the time).

One man says to the next, “Why is the dog whimpering like that?”

The second man replies, “Because he’s sitting on a nail.”

The first man inquiries, “Well, why doesn’t he get UP?!”

The second man answers, “Because it doesn’t hurt bad enough.”

Unsuccessful people stay where they are in life because it doesn’t hurt bad enough. They’re content. Good enough is good enough for unsuccessful people.

“What gets in the way of a great life? A good one.” – Del Walmsley

Successful people think differently. They’re not afraid to give up the good to go for the great. They’re not satisfied with the status quo. They don’t need their life to be falling apart in front of them to motivate them to greatness. Successful people chase their highest vision. Always.

Successful people just think differently.

If you want to change the trajectory of your life, you need to change your thinking. Learn to think like the greats and soon you’ll find yourself one of the greats.

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