Don’t Die With Your Dreams Still Inside of You

Don't die with dreams

Someone that I know passed away this week at the age of 23. His death has weighed on me considerably. What about the dreams he had? What about his goals? How could his life be cut so short? Although I believe God makes no mistake a part of me is heartbroken for what his life could have been.

I don’t want to die with my dreams still inside of me. I know sometimes we have no choice. Mike was on track to graduate college this December. He didn’t die with his dreams still inside him for lack of trying. Sometimes time just isn’t on our side.

At this moment, as far as I know, time is on my side. If you’re reading this it is likely that time is on your side as well.

I am determined to release all of my dreams into the world, God-willing. What about you? Will you pursue the dreams in your heart? Or will you continue to sit on your dreams forever, never moving in the direction of your highest vision?

I know it gets hard at times. I know doubt creeps in. Sometimes you wonder if it’s even possible. Sometimes you think you’re crazy for having such big dreams.

Other times you just want to throw your hands up and give up.

I know.

I go to that valley sometimes as well.

But I don’t stay there. You can’t stay in the valley of despair and still release your dreams into the world.

You have to keep going.

If there’s a dream you’ve tucked somewhere deep inside your heart I encourage you to let it out. You are fortunate in that you still have an opportunity to pursue your goals.

Don’t worry about how much further you have to go. Don’t worry about how long it took Suze Q.

Honor the gift and preciousness of life by taking action towards your dreams.

What if what you’re holding in your heart right now is the very reason you are alive? Wouldn’t that be unfortunate to not achieve your specific purpose?

Wouldn’t that be a calamity if you died with your purpose still inside of you?

As much as it is in your control, don’t die with your dreams still inside of you.

Stop sitting on your dreams. Stop ignoring your purpose.

Stop ignoring the tugging on your heart hoping that it goes away because it would be easier if it just went away.

It’s not going away.

It’s ready to come out!

Your dreams are ready to come out. They are ready to be released into the world. They are hoping and praying you don’t take them to the grave with you.

What is an action you can take RIGHT NOW to move you towards a specific goal you have?

Who can you call? What can you read? What can you do right this minute?

There’s always something you can do in any given moment to move you in the direction of your dreams. I’m urging you right now to take that action no matter how small it may seem. I encourage you every single day, several times a day to ask yourself, “What can I do RIGHT NOW to make progress towards my goals?”

Whatever the answer you come up with I want you to do it. Every single day. Several times a day.

This is how you can make sure that you release your dreams into the world while you still have time.

Always be moving in the direction of your dreams.

Don’t die with your dreams still inside of you.

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Charlene Dior

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