I Went To A Marriage Conference & I’m Single

Real single. Not only do I not have a husband, I’m not engaged, dating or even remotely interested in anyone. I did go on a date a few weeks ago but he is not the one.

I went to the conference alone with nothing but a prayer and a mustard seed of faith. I have to admit I felt a bit silly and out of place at times. There were other singles there but overwhelmingly it was a couples fest.

So why did I go to a marriage conference even though I’m not married? Because I want to be one day.

Sometimes we have the attitude that we are going to get ready AFTER what we want is manifested. But a lot of times you have to get ready BEFORE the manifestation or else there will be none.

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People say they will invest in their business when they have customers. Um, that’s backwards. Or they will act like a leader when they are in a leadership position. You’ll have confidence when someone believes in you. That’s not how it works. You get ready first. You act like a leader first. You build up your confidence first.

Is it possible that I will never get married? Sure.

I think that’s why people don’t act in advance. It has the potential to be a waste of time or money. We tend to want assurances before we get in too deep. But we don’t get assurances. We give assurances. We let life and everyone around us know what we’re about. When you give assurances that you want what you say you want I believe God is more likely to bring you the right people and opportunities.

If you’re not ready for what you want you will squander it. You won’t take care of it. You won’t do what you need to do to keep it. You’ll get lazy and apathetic. When you get ready first you equip yourself to handle what you are believing for.

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And it’s act of faith. If I thought there was zero chances of me getting married I wouldn’t have wasted my time or money going to the conference. I show my faith by investing in a marriage that is no where in sight. It’s easy to invest in the marriage you have. Investing in a marriage that doesn’t exist when you are all the way single is faith.

Prepare for what you want in your future now. Not only will it help you attract and keep what you want today’s preparation will also help you recognize what you want when it comes. I’m building and growing myself as a wife now. My commitment to have a successful marriage means the man I marry has to be of a certain character and mindset. I can’t have a successful marriage by myself. My husband plays a critical role in that. I’m learning not just how to be a wife, I’m learning what a good, Godly husband is. So when I meet a potential suitor I’ll be able to ascertain whether he has potential to be “the one”.

Life moves when we move. Whether it’s a marriage, a business, a promotion or any other thing you want the first move is yours. Act like you want what you say you want. Invest in the thing that is no where near coming to fruition. Get ready now.  If you can’t invest in what you want before you have it you might not ever have it.

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