Who’s Life Are You Living?

Who’s life are you living?

I’m a twin. When you’re a twin people expect you to be just like your sibling. Growing up people would say,” Why are you doing what’s she’s doing?” or “What aren’t you going to the school she’s going to?”

It can be difficult to be true to your authentic self. You’re always compared and stacked against each other.

I’ve heard people say that they took on a certain role because it wasn’t already taken. They’ll say, “My sister was the pretty one. My brother was the athletic one. So I had to be the smart one.”

That’s no way to define yourself. You don’t look outside yourself to decide who you’ll be. You have to look inside yourself. But people adopt these roles by looking around them to their siblings, cousins, and friends. They carry those ill-defined roles and labels around with them for years or decades.

That’s not being who you are. That’s more like being who you think you have to be to be acknowledged and valued.

Who you are comes from inside yourself.

Sometimes other people have expectations on us. They expect us to do things that meet their needs. When someone is expecting certain things out of you it is because it fulfills THEIR vision. If you’re fulfilling someone else’s vision who’s fulfilling your vision? We have to be careful when we’re living up to someone else’s expectations because it takes us away from our own vision. Maybe you forgot that you could have a vision. Maybe you forgot that you could have a dream.

Being compared to someone, living up to someone else’s expectations, responding to the feedback you receive from others is what pulls you away from you’re authentic self. You try to protect yourself. You try to fit in. You try to feel good enough.

You are good enough. You just have to take the journey back to who you really are. The real you is POWERFUL.

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Charlene Dior

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