Video: I Had to Grow to Be Here

I spent about 5 days in Haiti recently. One night I was sitting up chatting with a few of the other women on the trip. One of those women said to us, “I wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t learned to love myself.”

I wrote that down in my journal. I completely agree with her statement. What she was basically saying is that she had to grow to here.

The Charlene from five years ago couldn’t have journeyed to Haiti. I would have been too afraid to step out and take the leap. I would have been too apprehensive about making such a financial investment in a life changing experience. I would have been too shy to connect with a group of strangers. I would have waited for someone else to go with me. I would have waited for comfort and security. I would have wished and wanted, but I would not have taken action.

A lot of people want more for their lives. They tell me all the time. They just don’t know how to get more. They are searching for “more” in all the wrong places. They try to manifest a better life. They try to raise their energy vibrations (whatever that means). They practice the law of attraction. They try to steal it. They try to attach themselves to someone who already has it. They try to deny that they even want it. Those things might work for a season, but I know a better way. I know a more permanent way.

I know the secret.

The secret to achieving, attracting, manifesting the life you desire can be summed up in one word: “growth”. Your personal growth will never lead you astray. It will open more doors for you than any manifesting ritual or law of attraction affirmation ever will. That’s why personal growth has to be a lifestyle. As you continuously work on growing you, your life gets better and better.

When you are willing to grow you welcome new opportunities and new experiences into your life. You have to be willing to grow to usher in certain experiences and certain people.

A lot of times people commit to their personal growth when they want to start a business or be a millionaire. You don’t have to want to be an entrepreneur or millionaire to invest in your personal growth. There are more “basic” things that haven’t come into your life because you need to grow. For me it was a mission trip. For you it may be something else.

If you’re purposeful about growing your life and yourself there will be new things coming into your life. There are gifts and experiences that are waiting on you to grow. They are waiting on you to grow spiritually, mentally, and physically. They are waiting for your confidence to grow. They are waiting for your faith to grow. They are waiting on your thoughts and self esteem to grow.

I had to grow to be able to welcome in the opportunity to go to Haiti. What places are waiting on you to grow? What ideas and plans and goals are waiting on you to grow?

I’d like you to think on these questions, “What is waiting on me to grow?” and “Who is waiting on me to grow?”

It could be a job. A promotion. A spouse. A child. A vacation. A mission. A vision. Finances. God. Love. Peace. What’s waiting on your personal growth?

Are you willing to grow to manifest the life that is waiting for you? Will you make it a lifelong commitment?

Last Chance!!!

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Charlene Dior

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