Hope Whispers, “Try it One More Time”

Try again

“When the world says, ‘Give up’ Hope whispers, ‘Try it one more time.'” – Author Unknown

This quote is on my wall as a daily reminder to try again. Each new day is a new opportunity to chase after a dream or vision we have for our life. Giving up is easy. Giving more, after what you gave the last time wasn’t good enough, is hard. Yet, if something hasn’t left your heart don’t let it leave your hands. Keeping working. Keep sowing. Keep watering those seeds.

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Sometimes we can’t tell the difference between “this door isn’t opening because it’s not my door” and “this door isn’t opening because it’s not my time.” It’s easy to give up on something under the belief that it isn’t the right door. I certainly don’t want to be banging on a door forever if that door is never going to open because it’s not for me. Of course, I’d rather find my door. That is my constant prayer – that God would remove from my heart the things that are not for me and order my steps toward that which is.

But until He does I just can’t give up on what lingers in my heart. Even when I want to, I can’t. In my book From Caterpillar to Butterfly: Transform the Life You Have into the Life You Love I talk about how getting into real estate investing was a bit tough for me at the onset. I wasn’t getting anywhere despite my best efforts. I didn’t know what else to do. In my mind, I thought to just wait and save up for a bigger down payment. I thought to push the goal back a few years. Yet, even though the thought crossed my mind many times my fingers continued to dial phone numbers. I kept trying to find someone who could help me even when a part of me wanted to give it up (if only temporarily). Another part of me was always eager to try again.

The world will tell you to give up. When you’ve been standing at the door begging to come in and it refuses to open for you that’s life way of saying to give up. Your friends and family might even tell you the same. When you’re met with failure and set backs it’s the world telling you to let it go. When you’ve wasted too much time and too much money it’s another shout for you to throw in the towel.

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It’s the hope in your heart that whispers, “try it one more time”. And when you hear the whisper do as it says. Try again. Sure it may not work out. It’s possible that’s really not your door. But wouldn’t you rather know with all certainty you gave your all? Wouldn’t you want to be confident that it wasn’t for a lack of trying? Wouldn’t you want to walk away with your head held high and no regrets knowing you didn’t give up prematurely?

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try, try, try again.” – Michael Chang

I believe life puts us to the test whenever we say we want something for ourselves. It’s a test of our determination and grit. It’s a test to make sure we want what we say we want. The test separates the committed from the casual, the must-have goals from the nice-to-have goals. If there’s a test there’s a right answer. There’s a pass or fail. When you follow your heart you pass.

If you’ve given up on something it might just be time to try again. If the desire is still in your heart that’s the sound of hope gently nudging you to one more time. If you’re always willing to try one more time eventually your doors will open for you.


Always try again until you succeed

Charlene Dior

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