*G.I.A Update*: Parties, Promises, and Discipline

Last month I started my G.I.A series where I share how I’m growing, what’s inspiring me, and what I’ve achieved lately. A bit late in the month but here’s my G.I.A. update for November (and a bit of December)!

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How I’m Growing: Party, Party, Party

I’ve had a few holiday parties to attend lately. One was a Friendsgiving which was my first ever. The other was a holiday party which was scheduled less than a week in advance. Now, I’m an introvert so as much as I love a good get together there are some environments that are more conducive than others. Long story short, in both instances I complained a bit in my head and looked to the parties as inconveniencing, moreso the last minute holiday party. The Friendsgiving was on a Friday and the holiday party was on a Sunday. So after working all day or attending church I had to go off to another event. Saturdays are much better for introverts like me. There’s the opportunity to chillax early in the day and be rested and charged up for the party at night. Prior to each party, I anticipated how little energy I was going to have having to run around all day. I calculated what time I was going to go home in advance and thought of my escape excuse. I grabbed a present for the White Elephant gift exchange on the way to the party. The store didn’t have much so I ended up bringing just a box of chocolate. There wasn’t even any tissue paper! Embarassed! How fitting my grinch sweater was. ? However, both parties were extremely fun. I’m glad I went and all my pre-event anxiety was for nothing.

“Life may not be the party we hoped for… but while we’re here we may as well dance.” – unknown

I have this tendency whenever I go out to overthink it and focus on the “bad” parts. I contemplate what I have to give, my time, my energy, etc. or how long I have to stay out. I’m a homebody. So I don’t fully embrace the experience or prepare (i.e. last minute, embarrassing white elephant gift), yet 90% of the time I have a great time. I’m growing in the sense that I’m learning not to look at parties and get togethers as inconveniencing, energy-sapping, necessary evils of life. They’re fun and important parts of life and social health. I should look to them with anticipation and give them proper preparation. The preparation is apart of the fun as well. I’ve just convinced myself over the years that these kind of events weren’t any fun.

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I think I spent a lot of time hanging around the wrong crowd. Because I was hanging out with people that didn’t have the same values or interests as me going out at times was a drab. They were so focused on hooking up with a man or drinking that the experience wasn’t fun for me and I often tried to skip out early. I have to reprogram how I think about social outings to make the best of them from the onset.

What’s Inspiring Me: Houston, we have a promise

I spoke about this previously, but one of the things that inspired me the most last month was the Houston Astros winning the World Series. I mean the city was just under water, feeling discouraged and defeated. A few weeks later we were winners. It’s something I think the city really needed. It brought a lot of fun, camaraderie, and energy to the city. On top of that, it snowed here last week for the first time in eight years. There was a lot of excitement and feel-goodness in the air. Snow changes the mood in Houston in positive ways. It’s just a reminder that life isn’t this great big ole problem with have to tackle until the day we die. Life is a magnificent promise we get to walk deeper into everyday until we die. And then the Real promise is fulfilled.

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Another thing that inspired me was Tia Mowry announcing she’s pregnant with her second child. I love Tia and Tamera. They’re twins. I’m a twin. And they’re beautiful women of God, inside and out. I like to think I am too. When I read about Tia’s fertility struggles and her desires to have more kids I was saddened by it. We like to act like everything we want is a vibrational shift away, but sometimes we want things we can’t fully control. Although I believe God will give us grace for those times it’s still heartbreaking. To see someone’s dream come true (particularly one they couldn’t fully “manifest” on their own) is beautiful and inspiring. I’m happy for her as if I actually know her. Praying for mom and baby.

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What I’ve Achieved: Discipline

I am becoming a more disciplined person. They say you can’t change your life until you change something you do daily. Discipline (like parties) has always seemed too much. I have to do all these things in such a regimented way. Why can’t I just do what I want, when I want and eat what I want when I want? I don’t want all this structure. I want to be single, sexy, and free. But I’m strengthening my discipline muscles one day at a time. I blogged everyday for sixty days. I blogged when I didn’t feel like it. I blogged even when I had to squeeze it in an already packed day. I blogged when I had a headache. I committed to something and I completed it. And then I doubled it and completed that too as the original plan was to blog for thirty days in a row.

“Self-respect is the fruit of discipline; the sense of dignity grows with the ability to say no to oneself.” – Abraham Joshua Heschel

While I am not blogging everyday at the moment I am practicing discipline everyday in other ways. I now make my bed everyday. In the past months would go by without formally making up the bed. ?I’ve also upped by daily vitamin game, particularly eating or drinking turmeric everyday. If you can be disciplined in small things you can be disciplined in big things. Discipline is a gift. It’s a form of self respect and self love. So I’m excited to see what changes will occur in my life as I become more and more disciplined.

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(Being disciplined can also be a growth area, but I’m highlighting the daily behaviors I am achieving in my endeavor to be more disciplined. Hence why it’s in this section).

Last month I said my goal was to double my web traffic over October. Didn’t happen. Lol. But I did hit a new high in monthly visitors. Just in case you’re following a long and was wondering.

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That’s my G.I.A. update for this month. What’s yours? How are you growing? What’s inspiring you (besides me of course ? )? And what have you achieved lately?

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