Be Mindful of What You Share – Secret Sister Gift Exchange

Ok ladies!! ??????The Secret Sister Gift ? Exchange is back!! I’m looking for ladies who would be interested in a pre-holiday gift exchange. You only have to buy ONE $10 gift and send it to your secret sister. You will then receive 6-36 gifts in return. Let me know if you’re interested by commenting below, and I will send you the information for your secret sister! We could all use some happy mail!

PS: This is my first year participating but I’ve heard it is worth the effort. If you are skeptical don’t participate. If you saw something on the news you didn’t like about it, don’t participate. If you will be mad if you don’t get what you think you should, definitely don’t participate.

Tis the season of giving! ?

Every year I see multiple posts about a Secret Sister Gift Exchange (see example above). The way it works is you buy ONE gift and send it to another woman. In return you get 6-36. Mathematically this makes ZERO sense. If every “sister” only has to buy ONE and she somehow gets up to 36 in return that means 35 of your “sisters” get nothing.

I’ve seen a lot of women do this. Women who I believe to be of high character. Of course, I could be wrong. They could be intentionally scamming their friends. But I believe (and hope) that is not the case. Yet, when we engage in these type of things we are inadvertently setting our sisters up to lose. Participating in this virtual gift exchange puts your friends at risk of wasting $10 plus shipping. I personally never want to gain anything at the expense of another. I will gladly lose out before I put anyone at risk to lose their hard earned money due to my actions (even if it is just $10 – it was a hard earned $10).

Let’s not spread this anymore. Let’s protect each other. Let’s look out for each other. If she’s truly your sister don’t mislead her in any way. Let’s put the best interest of everyone front and center. If you want your sister friend to have a gift, just give it to her. If you want $10 trinkets in the mail, send them to yourself. There’s nothing wrong with that. I promise. ??? I kid! I kid!

I realize a lot of well meaning women don’t realize this is a scam so I wanted to write about it. We have to be mindful of what we pass along. We have to be careful that we don’t accidentally cause any harm or misfortune to others. Beyond just this one example. In general. I’m always careful of what I share on social media because what I share I vouch for. And if I vouch for something that is a scam or unhealthy or in some way opposite of what I stand for I’m doing a lot of people a disservice.

Don’t share anything or otherwise encourage others to participate in something you have not vetted for yourself. Make sure opportunities are solid before you get someone else involved. We are responsible for the impact we have on others knowingly or unknowingly. Pay attention to what you’re doing. Again, make sure you are not leading anyone astray or putting them in the path of a misfortune – whether that be financial, emotional, physical, spiritual – whatever. Sometimes it’s not good enough to not have known any better. Think things through and position yours sisters for success.

Also, note this scam is actually illegal. So ladies, sisters, let’s put this scam to bed!

Merry Christmas! (Is it too early to say that)


Charlene Dior

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