FCBT019: How to Manifest Your Heart’s Desires

I’ve recently watched the Secret – a movie that basically talks about the law of attraction, and this piqued my interest.

I want to manifest love, happiness, wealth, and other wonderful things and positivities. There was a time when I wanted to know about manifesting my heart’s desires – and I bought books, products, systems, events to learn about it. But I’ve always felt that the idea of manifesting does not feel right for me.

For today’s episode, I will discuss manifesting your heart’s desire and my point of view on this approach. Some of the subjects I covered are:

The different approaches and methods on manifesting that I was taught (2:00).

The reason why the concept of manifesting does not completely resonate with me, and why I am actually glad that thoughts do not always manifest in real life (5:00).

Experiences I’ve had that serves as proof that manifesting is not enough to turn thoughts and dreams to reality (5:36; 6:50; 7:18) and bible verses relating to this:

Ask and you shall receive
Faith without works is dead

Manifest as defined in the dictionary, and what I prefer as a better verb to use that gives off a more proactive impression (10:10). Manifest – readily perceived by the senses and especially by the sense of sight; easily understood or recognized by the mind https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/manifest

The many opportunities in life that I’ve had (11:10; 14:36), and what I did on my part to make sure they happen – finding the chances, persisting, practicing discipline and consistency, taking action, and funding the opportunities if needed (13:20).

How I view the methods of manifesting like journaling, brainstorming, affirmations and visualization, as supplementary tools to keep us focused and remind us of our vision and goals, and what the main tool should be (16:09).

The concept of synchronicity (17:56) and how we are taught from a young age to be rational and critical, overlooking the need to nurture our spiritual mind and our subconscious (21:47).
My personal experiences with synchronicities, and how people sometimes confuse synchronicities and manifesting (19:04; 20:20; 22:50).

I want to help you to be empowered through information and knowledge, and I encourage you to set goals, put the right strategies, define the right tactics, take action and be consistent over time to ensure that all your visions and goals come true.

If you are a manifesting junkie and would like to share how manifesting helped you, I want to hear from you – share your experiences, I am open to hearing your perspective on this topic. You can reach me through the comments section or by emailing me at [email protected].

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Charlene Dior

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