FCTB003: Idioms That Limit Your Thinking

idioms-that-limit-your-thinkingOn the 3rd episode of the From Caterpillars to Butterflies Podcast, we will be talking about idioms – sayings, catchphrases that you have probably heard and used since childhood. These sayings create different behavioral associations into an individual’s subconscious, and in effect impacts their lives.

I grew up with these idioms, with parents and grandparents repeating them. On today’s show, I have categorized these idioms into four main groups. We will go one by one and expound on what each of these sayings have programmed us to think and believe. I’ll show you how they limit our perception of our own possibilities and the opportunities available to us.

Group 1 – Resources are scarce. Catchphrases that our elders often tell us to shut down the conversation dealing with finances. It made us accept that money and resources are finite, that the only way to make money is to work extremely hard, and that it’s okay to just barely make it in life (1:21).

Group 2 – We cannot change. These idioms have us believing that we must get by with what we have, we have no control, and can do nothing to change our present circumstances. They also lead us to the frame of mind that we must stick with what we know and just stay where we currently are. It’s safer there (4:46).

Group 3 – Something bad is going to happen. These sayings leave us paranoid that something bad is always bound to happen. We can never get too comfortable or too happy because “the other shoe is going to drop” (7:49).

Group 4 – The early bird catches the worm. I expound on this particular idiom a little longer than the rest, as it initially sounds innocent, even very positive. Upon reflection though, I came to realize that this saying actually leads people into lives of unhealthy competition, paranoia and mediocre lifestyles (10:28).

I close this talk with insights on how our often-thought of as harmless belief systems taught to us growing up, greatly influences our lives. How we can acknowledge these beliefs, but at the same time challenge them, reprogram those beliefs, not let them limit you, and take actions towards your wants and goals (16:15).

Finally, I will be guiding you in a meditation that serves as the conclusion of this episode (21:00)

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Charlene Dior

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