21 Black Women Coaches to Help You Transform Your Life, Business, Family, and Spirituality in 2021

Now is one of the best times in the history of existence to be alive. There’s a wealth of information and resources available to us to help us grow our lives, our finances, our relationships and practically any area of our life. And if we don’t learn and grow best on our own there’s plenty of amazing, accomplished coaches to help us along the way.

Furthermore, if you value the unique perspective that another black woman who understands your black girl magic and offer, there’s no shortage of black female coaches. From life and wellness, to blended families, and mindset coaches you are bound to find your fit in this list.

Black Life and Wellness Coaches

Valorie Burton


Valerie Burton is a life coach, speaker, and trainer committed to helping women be happier and more successful. Her focus centers around positive psychology. Valerie’s Christian principles are often interwoven in her coaching and teachings. Her demeanor is very sincere and inspirational.

Iyanla Vanzant


Iyanla Vanzant is the holds nothing back, outspoken, intuitive life coach featured on OWN. I’m a huge fan of Iyanla and I’ve had the pleasure of learning from her and Oprah Winfrey in person two years ago at Oprah’s Live Your Best Life Tour. Iyanla is not afraid to tell it like it is and make you confront what you’d prefer to hide.

Kendra Kay Woods


Kendra Kay Woods is the Mindset Boss. If your thinking is stinking you won’t make it very far in this life. Kendra helps women live the life they truly desire by overcoming their limiting beliefs. You’ll love Kendra. She has such a bubbly, approachable personality. She really believes in the work that she is doing. If you know you have self-defeating thoughts go to Kendra.

Charlene Dior with Regine Monestime
Charlene with Regine Monestime

Regine Monestime

Regine The Travel Queen

I love Regine. Her spirit is just so pure and sincere. And she’s beautiful. Regine takes phenomenal women on transformational retreats around the world so they can recharge, replenish, and connect with other women.

Aisha Moore

Self Care by Aisha

Aisha will take you from burnout to refreshed. Most women simply do not dedicate the time or energy to care for themselves. They’re too busy caring for everyone else. Aisha is the coach you go to when you’re ready to prioritize yourself for a change.

Kimberly Harden

Image Architect

Kimberely Harden is your image architect and as you would expect she has great style. She helps black women transform their lives from the inside out. When you feel good you look good. Kim works with a wide variety of budgets. She’ll style your body and your life.

Charlene with Angie Gray and Amber Berry

Amber Berry

Feel Good Finances

One of the biggest stressors in life is money. They say money is the #1 cause of divorce. I live below my means for this very reason. Stressing over money takes the joy out of life. But sometimes life happens and we get into a money mess. Amber is a finance and money coach that will help you feel good about your finances. She’ll help you overcome the shame and guilt that sometimes come with money troubles.

Black Business and Career Coaches

Charlene and Rosetta Thurman
Charlene and Rosetta Thurman

Rosetta Thurman

Happy Black Woman

Rosetta Thurman is the Happy Black Woman. She teaches women all over the world how to create a location independent business they love. Rosetta is super sharp and laser focused on her business and vision. She’ll help you claim your freedom, manifest your vision, and travel the world.

Renee Lamb

True Peace Coaching

Renee helps women entrepreneurs create a solid foundation for their online business. Renee holds nothing back. She tells you like it is from a place of love. If you ever find yourself in a conversation with Renee be prepared to hear, “boo boo kitty” at least once. Renee is the coach for you if you’re tired of sitting on your dreams and you need someone to light a fire under you. Renee is super committed and she’ll give you everything she can to make sure you succeed.

Monica Clark

Can I just say I love Monica? She is gorgeous inside and outside. Monica helps women feel empowered at work. I think the work that she does is amazing as someone who spent nearly a decade in corporate America. There’s a lot of focus on helping new business owners be successful, but there aren’t a lot of resources to help other professionals. I happen to believe that we need empowered, engaged people (including black women) in all industries. Monica also has a great new podcast, The Rush Hour Mentor. Check it out!

Rebecca Thompson


Speaking of needing empowered, engaged black women across all industries Rebecca Thompson is the candidacy coach. She helps black women run for office, raise the necessary funds for a successful campaign, and overcome their limiting beliefs as it relates to running for office (you know – the “I’m too young” or “I don’t have enough experience” myths we believe about ourselves). Rebecca also has a fast growing podcast dedicated to black women in politics. Check it out here: Changing the Face of Power

Courtney Sanders


Courtney Sanders is the think and grow chick, a cute play on the book Think and Grow Rich. Women need to be vested in their personal and financial growth just as much as men do. Courtney leads the way in teaching women to think and grow rich.

Guide to Personal Growth

Lisa Nichols


Lisa Nichols, also known as The Secret lady, is a motivational speaker, coach and best selling author. Her website url is exactly on point. She motivates the masses to take charge of their life and rescue themselves. Her message is so on point considering the emotional tension following the presidential election. When you are committed to rescuing yourself it doesn’t matter who’s president.

Natasha Allrich


Natasha is the Souful Sales coach. Sometimes sales can feel manipulative and self serving. The mental and emotional energy that stirs up for a lot of people when they think of sales keeps them from making sales. Natasha helps business owners reprogram their beliefs around sales so they can enroll new clients authentically.

Dr. Venus Opal Reese


I first became aware of Dr. Venus Opal Reese when I went searching for “black women millionaires”. I was just learning about Napolean Hill and Les Brown and I was starting in real estate investing. I wanted to find other black women committed to building wealth and that led me to Dr. Venus. Interestingly, Dr. Venus led me to Rosetta Thurman who led me to a lot of the other black women coaches on this list. Dr. Venus helps black women heal their generational wounds so they can attact and earn the money they desire. She is super genuine, authentic and full of personality.

Black Family and Relationship Coaches

Charlene with Chavonne Sampson

Chavonne Sampson

Blended Family Bliss

Ain’t no baby momma drama over here. Chavonne helps blended families live in peace and harmony. Considering that nearly half of marriages end in divorce blending families is a necessity. I saw a meme that said something to the effect that if you are older than 27 and not married be prepared to be a step parent. Welp, that’s me!  But I’m not worried. I know who I’ll be calling.

Dr. Kimberly Dunlap

Dr. Kimberly Dunlap (or should I say Dr. Love) helps successful women find success in love. If you’re tired of achieving success in virtually every area of life except one of the most intimate, special areas of life you can do something about it. Kim can help you do it.

Black Spirituality Coaches

 Angie Gray

I love Angie! Every time I’m feeling discouraged Angie always has a Word for me. Even when I don’t say anything about what I’m feeling Angie happens to just touch on the very subject. If you want to claim your rightful inheritance as a Blessed Black Woman, First Lady Angie is your coach. (Yes, she really is a First Lady).

Kim Davis

Kim Davis For the One

Kim helps women walk in their God given purpose. Kim will guide you to a deeper relationship with God. She will support you as you establish your personal spiritual practice to stay connected to God. Her business and ministry is for the One. Kim is also super adorable with a big heart.

The best black woman coach for women who want more in life

Charlene Dior

Charlene Dior


? (a little confidence is all good). I’m a personal growth and transformation coach. I believe that we can truly create the life we want if we are willing to grow. I help women grow. I help them overcome the feelings of unworthiness and the self-sabotage. I guide them as they rediscover their true, authentic, and powerful selves so that they can find fulfillment and meaning. It is time for us as black women to finally go after what we want out of life. It is time for us to stop suppressing and denying our hearts desires because we feel undeserving. It is time for us to stop putting our needs last. It is time for us to take a stand and say, “Yes, I want that. Yes, I deserve it. And no, I will not settle for less.”

Check out my brand new personal growth podcast and my self hep book written for women who are ready for more!

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Charlene Dior

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