Transform Your Wealth – Real Estate Investing 101


Ever thought of investing in real estate? The day I closed on my first rental property I added $28,000 to my net worth and $400 to my monthly income. Oh Yeah! Take this introductory course to learn the basics of single family investing.


Research suggests up to 80% of millionaires earned their fortunes through real estate investing.

What would it be like to add an extra $200, $400, $1600 dollars to your monthly income?

Can you imagine walking to your mailbox and getting a check made out to you every single month?

Would you find it exciting to add an additional $10,000, $20,000 or even $50,000 to your net worth?

The day I closed on my first rental property I added $28,000 to my net income and $400 to my monthly income with just than one property. Oh Yeah! Real estate investing is the ultimate side hustle. Once you’ve done the work up front you can start to collect rent payments with minimal ongoing effort. If you’ve ever thought of real estate investing or just want to add an additional income stream to the income you already make this is for you. This introductory digital course is a high level overview to help you learn the basics of single family investing.

You’ll learn:

-How I got started

-How to find the money

-How to find deals with equity and cash flow

-And more!

Course comes with:

-40 minute video training + slides

-What I Learned My First Year in Real Estate Investing ebook by Charlene Dior

-Property Walk thru Checklist

-Plus, get a complimentary 20 minute coaching session with Charlene to answer any lingering questions!


Stop waiting. Start making extra income.


DISCLAIMER: This is a digital product. Author makes no guarantee to the effect of this planner on your wealth or investing. For informational purposes only. Results will vary.


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