FCTB038: How to Think For Yourself

Charlene Dior

Charlene Dior is a transformation life coach in Houston, TX who specializes in self awareness. She is certified as a self hypnosis and mindfulness meditation instructor. Charlene has over four years experience coaching young women towards their specific goals. Additionally, her passion for helping people live their best lives led her to mentoring young girls entering college working towards choosing their dream career and young girls in juvenile detention working towards learning to make better decisions for a better life. Charlene has been featured on Real Talk Radio and The Awakening Life in addition to numerous newspapers. Charlene is an MBA graduate with 8+ years experience working in various marketing functions across several Fortune 500 companies. In addition to her corporate career, Charlene also dabbles in real estate investing, owning several rental properties in the Houston area. She has traveled the world having visited Paris, London, Canada, Brazil, Central America and Asia, to name a few. Charlene is a passionate optimistic who believes everyone can live their dream life with the right tools, support, and coaching.

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