A Letter to My Current Self From My Future Self

Beautiful Charlene,

I know you have this grandiose vision of what life should be. You always have. From the time you were a little girl you always had a vivid imagination. You loved playing with Barbie and crafting your own dream life with your dream man and your dream kids. I recall how you wanted to have five kids just like the Cosby’s. (Girl, what was you thinking?!) I know thirty-three rolled up on you and found you with no dream man and no dream kids (you do have an adorable pom-a-pug though). And I know lately you have been discouraged and tempted to let the dream of a family of your own die. I heard your prayer, “God, give me the grace to be single if that is Your will.”

So in some ways life didn’t get the memo of how you wanted it to be. Or so it seems. But I don’t want you to discount all the amazing-joyous-adventurous and peaceful gifts life has given you right now (because a man and kids will at times steal your peace. Trust me, I know ?). You have traveled the world. Do you remember when you used to exclaim in astonishment how many people have never left their home state or flew in an airplane? All the while you were jet-setting to Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Amsterdam, Rome, Bangkok, Trinidad and Tobago, need I go on? At one point, you didn’t think you would be able to travel internationally because your sister wouldn’t buy a passport. And then you jumped on a plane to London solo!

Remember how you wanted to go on a mission trip to Haiti with your old church? You went to the Haiti monthly meeting and it was so disorganized and a waste of time you didn’t go back? And do you remember when God put it on your heart to change churches? And what do you know? The young adults women group is going to Haiti on a mission trip and you were selected to go. In some ways you were changed on that trip. Your perspective changed. You grew closer to God. Your dreams and worldview changed.

Do you remember when you set a goal to become a real estate investor in five years and you did it in five months? That was crazy! My heart is still jumping out of my chest even now. That first house was SCA-RY! And do you recall how meticulous you was at achieving the goal? You broke it down in pieces and only worked on the piece that was holding you back. First, money was holding you back. You didn’t have 20% to put down on a house. So you called mortgage brokers and hard money lenders until you got the money. And then you moved on to the next obstacle. In time (5 months to be exact) you purchased your first rental property (second house). I was SOOO proud of you. I’m still proud of you. You did that, girl!

That’s how I want you to tackle all your problems. I realize right now you’re in the thick of establishing yourself as an author, coach, and trainer. I know you’re up against some obstacles even as I type this. Just break it down and focus on the one piece preventing you from moving forward. You can do this. Trust me. Do you know how many people have dreams of doing the things you’ve done from owning investment properties to writing a book but they won’t move forward? They’re just as capable as you, but for whatever reason they don’t pursue what’s in their hearts. That only makes you more of a BOSS who can (and will) SLAY the game.

Oh yeah, congrats on your first self-help book!!! I’m still in awe of that book. Once again I can only say, “You (well, we) did that!” And congrats on making Amazon’s Bestsellers’ List (in obscure category xyz ???). I knew you could do it and you didn’t even have to pay thousands of dollars. You’re one dope chick!

That’s why you have to keep believing in yourself. I remember when you tried out for the dance team in high school. You were told you couldn’t dance. You wouldn’t make the team. I’ll never forget. You replied, “I succeed at everything I do.” I know you (we) didn’t make the dance team after all, but I’m still proud of the way you believed in yourself and your abilities. It’s important not to lose that belief. Even when life tells you to give up or that it’s not worth it, keep believing. Even when the doors are closed in your face and you don’t make the proverbial dance team, promise me you will never stop believing.

You see, I, the you 5 years from now, am counting on you to keep going. If you throw in the towel now you might as well kiss me goodbye. Who am I? I’m the next evolution of you. I’m the next phase of your potential, your vision, and purpose. There’s no guarantee we’ll even get to meet. That’s why I’m writing you. I need you to keep believing. I need you to keep pressing toward the things in your heart. I need you to stay in faith and not give up. Even when the road is longer than you thought, for my sake, you have to keep going. Even when if feels like your efforts day in and day out are pointless, for our purpose, you have to keep going. You have to keep going so you can pass the baton on to me. I’ll take it and run with it and pass it on to the next, next evolution of us.

Right now the ball is in your court. I can only cheer you on from afar. But if you promise me you’ll give it all you’ve got until you are able pass the baton on to me, I promise you that I’ll give it all I’ve got so we can reach our full potential.

Charlene, I also want to encourage you to relax a little and be easier on yourself. I know you can get a little type AA sometimes. You’re always in your head overthinking something. LOL. And that’s not a bad thing. Your analytical skills are a big part of why you’ve achieved so much already. But it will help you in your career, your relationships, and your faith if sometimes you turn the internal calculator off and simply BE. And remember, 99% of the things you’re concerned about right now won’t matter in five years. Spend more time just BEing. Do things you enjoy even when you can’t make the math work. Be open to new things, new friendships, and new everything, okay?

Never forget that you can accomplish your wildest dreams. Never discount the value of discipline and sacrifice. Never hold back your courage or your gifts. The world is our oyster.

Well, girlie, I just want you to know that I’m proud of you and I love you. You are beautiful inside and out, you are giving, you have a good head on your shoulders and you love God. Don’t worry so much about the things you don’t have right now. Keep being your best and doing your best. And know that somethings haven’t arrived in your life because what you’re doing right now is so important. Some of your goals would be a distraction for you right now. You’re on the right track. Just keep going and enjoy this season of your life.

Until we meet in the future,


P.S. – Keep being adventurous. I love that about us!

Charlene Dior

Blogger, author, podcast, investor, marketer, sister, daughter, pet mom, friend and Christian. Personal growth junkie who loves the idea that a caterpillar can transform into a butterfly! ? Grab my bestselling book From Caterpillar to Butterfly: Transform the Life You Have into the Life You Love on Amazon! Available in paperback or as an ebook.

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