Every Woman Should Chase Her Dreams

Every woman, really every person for that matter, should chase their dreams. In January, it will be five years since I bought my first rental property. There were many times that I thought to just wait. The one thing that kept me going was the idea that I didn’t want to be 30 and think, “I wish I would have started in my twenties”. I didn’t want to wish I chased my dream of being a real estate investor earlier in life.

Even now, as I work toward different things I don’t ever want to look back and say, “I wish I would have started sooner.” It’s one thing to have not started sooner because you didn’t know. As in you didn’t know that was an interest you had. It’s another thing to not have started sooner because you were afraid, undisciplined, or nonchalant about your dream. I press toward a lot of things because I don’t want to live with regret. That’s the number reason why every woman should chase her dream – so she doesn’t have to live with regret.

We don’t always go after our dreams with rigor and determination because we’re afraid it might not be worth it. “What if I’m doing all of this for nothing?” “What if it never happens?” We worry about wasted time and wasted money. It reminds me of the quote, “What if I fall, Oh but my darling what if you fly?” Sometimes we have to chase our dreams simply for the possibility of flying.

I wanted to write a book since high school. That was actually my first attempt at trying. I only managed to put together a collection of poetry. I then set out to write an e-book on real estate investing which I did. I can’t remember my original word count goal, but I know I didn’t hit. The third time was a charm with From Caterpillar to Butterfly: Transform the Life You Have into the Life You Love and I leaned on my podcast ALOT. Writing a full-fledged book always seemed so impossible. If felt like an exercise in torture. Tortured by two things. 1. Trying to write 40-50,000 words. 2. Hoping somebody/anybody would read it. There’s definitely a lot of managing fears particular the “What if it’s all for nothing?” fear when writing a book.

As a corporate marketer, I often worried about losing my job if my boss found out about my blog and coaching side hustle. It’s a legit concern. People have bills to pay. (Hence, why my real estate book uses my middle name). Yet, this blog fills a space in my soul that my corporate career could not. It’s not good nor bad. It’s simply truth. When you don’t chase your dreams a bit of your soul dies. There could be really legit reasons why you can’t. But the void never goes away. So in my case, the risk was worth it.

Every woman should chase her because her dream is bigger than just her. We inspire people without ever saying a word. I think it’s funny when women say, “I just want to inspire people.” She’s usually thinking she has to make money inspiring people. In reality, all she has to do is start chasing her dream (and share her journey along the way). Other people will be inspired by her courage to chase her dream.

Not only will people be inspired by her dream they will be helped directly by her dream. Whether that dream is to write books and be a corporate marketer. We all have something to give. Our dreams make a difference. When you do whats in your heart to do you will impact lives, businesses, families, and more. Women write me often about something I wrote sharing how it touched them or it was just what they didn’t to hear. My dream to write matters. My words matter.

Every woman should chase her dreams because we only live once and she deserves to have the life she truly desires.

Every woman should chase her dreams because no one is going to do it for her.

Every woman should chase her dreams because working toward something inspiring and purposeful is what gives life meaning.

Every woman should chase her dreams simply because she wants to.

Every woman should chase her dreams because she can.

And not only can she chase her dreams, she can catch them.

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Charlene Dior

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