*G.I.A Update*: I’m Whole, I Matter, I’m Losing


It’s been a long time (I shouldn’t have left you without a dope beat to step to, step to). Get it? Aaliyah? Anywho, it’s been a while. I didn’t blog as much as I intended this month for multiple reasons, but I did want to give a G.I.A update for this month. Enjoy!

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How I’m Growing: I’m Becoming Whole

A while back I shared a piece of a pie that I baked. Not a literal pie. A symbolic pie. I dream I chased. An investment I made. I risk I took. I gave over 50% of said pie away. I only partially knew what I was doing. I thought I’d benefit from their “pie” as well. But things didn’t turn out quite the way I expected. My prayer ever since has been, “God, make me whole. Replace what I gave away.” As I close in on the five year anniversary of my pie giving day wholeness has eluded me. I’m no where near recouping my investment. Now I know God gives beauty for ashes and He can replace what the lotus worm stole. Yet, at times I’ve carried the bitterness, resentment, and even fear around with me. There’s the gnawing fear that I won’t get to where I initially set out to go because I shared my pie. That’s why I’ve begged God many times over the years to make me whole. Not for the sake of money or possessions. For the sake of a dream.

This year something shifted in my thoughts. I’m still not whole – financially or materialistically. But it hit me at the start of the year that maybe God wants me to be whole spiritually.  I longed for the dream I dreamt. I often mourned for what could have been that might never be. God longs after me. God mourns for my spirit. He too wants me whole and complete. Just in a different way.

“The path of spiritual growth is a path of lifelong learning. The experience of spiritual power is basically a joyful one.  – M. Scott Peck

I’m growing spiritually. I am becoming whole not in the physical sense. My physical pie hasn’t filled in. My spiritual pie is filling in – as long as I continue to allow it to do so.  Life happens. Whether it’s a breakup, a break down, or a can’t-breakthrough. If we’re beat up and defeated over every situation I don’t think we’re living how God intended us to live. Sometimes we’re chasing physical things, wondering why God is not answering. We put all of our focus on filling a physical void. God wants to fill our spiritual void. God is concerned about my spiritual wholeness. My physical wholeness can wait.

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What’s Inspiring Me: I Matter

Not to be all religious in this update, but I usher at my church. This month they have held multiple appreciation events for thousands of volunteers. They did above and beyond. They rolled out the red carpet – literally. I walked down the carpet to cheers, clapping, smiles, and “thank yous”. My pastor stood in line for hours taking pictures with us one by one and signing a copy of his latest book for us.

I’m inspired because I matter. Even though volunteering is as much for me as it is for them, even though it is my honor and privilege to have the opportunity to serve God in and through my church, what I do matters to them. And that’s beautiful. It’s inspiring.

It’s beautiful to see people show genuine care and appreciation for others. Volunteers, employees, customers – whomever.  I think it was Michael Jackson who was said to sit in the audience at the back of the theater because he wanted to see and hear what the fans sitting in that section would see and hear.  It didn’t matter that these people made the smallest investment. Their presence mattered. And they deserved the best experience.

I’m inspired not just because I matter, but because we all matter. Every single one of us. Even when I reflect on the chunk of pie I gave away, the people involved matter. Their dreams matter too. I’m inspired to be the person who acknowledges and expresses the truth that everyone matters.

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What I’m Achieving: I’m Losing

So last year I ate like a slob for way too long. I mean any and everything, whenever I wanted. Now my waist is paying for it. I started Whole30 January 2. Today is my last day! Woohoo! I stuck with it even though I was tempted with cupcakes and cookies multiple times. See section above. I’ve never seen an appreciation event without sweets. I dropped about 8 pounds and my clothes that used to fit, but then stopped fitting, are fitting once again.  I’ve also been doing a step competition with about 8 other people. The first one to a million steps wins. Some of these people are crazy. They are getting in 20-30,000 steps a day. Not me. (Do you know how many HOURS it takes to get that many steps?) But I have managed to hit at least 10,000 steps a day every day this month. This month I’m achieving much needed health and fitness gains.

One last thing – I booked a trip to Ghana! Just last month I said I wanted to go on an African safari. I’m not doing a safari but I am doing Africa. Super excited. I’ve been to Europe, Asia, South America and of course, North America. Now I get to do Africa! Yippee!

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Sound Off

That’s my G.I.A. update for this month. What’s yours? How are you growing? What’s inspiring you (besides me of course ? )? And what have you achieved lately?

Charlene Dior

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