FCTB027: How To Be Content Where You Are

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A couple of days ago, I saw a post in social media that implied someone not being content with their life. Upon reading that, I wonder why people entertain negativity in their lives, and tend to wear their misery as a badge of honor.

My belief that life is a series of journeys where we ought to be always working our way towards something, pulled by a vision, lived in positivity, and putting our energy towards our goals’ realization.

Today, I tackled the negativity and discontent people experience navigating their lives, and how to deal with dissatisfaction when it is inevitable. Other areas I’ve discussed are:

  • Working towards a vision without despising where you are, and avoiding the misery whilst in the gap by training one’s self to shift mindset from focusing on negativities to the more satisfying parts of life (3:54).
  • The paradox of what people unanimously want out of their life vs. how they’re living it, and Esther Hick’s philosophy of being satisfied with right here and right now (4:30).
  • How practicing a contented mindset provides an individual to have the energy and motivation to work on goals, and how at the other end despair kills motivation and desire (6:03).
  • How satisfaction and dissatisfaction can co-exist in our life in a model similar to the Yin-Yang (8:05).
  • A narrative on how a family weekend gathering highlights how satisfaction and discontent can exist at the same time and space, how I responded to the situation, and how to find the overarching theme in this co-existence (9:10; 18:33).
  • The reason why people tend to focus on dissatisfaction, and how to properly acknowledge its presence and the friction (11:22).
  • Why we need to view dissatisfaction with our current situation as a blessing instead of a curse, and as an indication of growth (13:05; 20:40).
  • How to deal with dissatisfaction by identifying what’s causing it, acknowledging and taking actions to close the gap between discontent and contentment, and making the process of the closing the gap be your journey (15:20; 20:52).
  • Understand that as long as you’re committed to your life’s journey there’s no need to be unhappy, and despite obstacles, you’ll push through to get to your destination (17:22).
  • The importance of practicing being satisfied as they key to enjoy your experience of life (21:30).

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Feeling contentment in a fast world of unending demands may seem elusive, but it is just a matter of changing one’s mindset. I hope that this episode helps you to get into that mentality, and I challenge you to make that shift now.

Is this an area you need help with? Email me at [email protected] or comment below so we can catch-up and see how we can work together towards a more satisfying life.

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