Transform Your Relationship


Experiencing a rough patch in your relationship? Just started a new relationship and want to begin on the right foot? This digital planner and audio is your solution. Complete on your own or with your partner. Identify and communicate your needs, deal breakers, and more. Includes the Being Love guided meditation.


Do you want to improve your relationship? Do you want this to be the one that actually lasts? Are you at a cross roads in your current relationship?

We tend to plan most aspects of our lives. We plan our day, our meals, our workout schedules. We love to plan vacations! But how much time do we spending planning our relationships? It’s time to change that. Don’t leave this up to chance. It’s too important. The Transform Your Relationship digital planner is designed to help you and your partner grow together in your relationship.

Transform Your RelationshipYou Will:

  • Receive 60+ page workbook focused on common relationship stressors (you know – things like money, time, and intimacy)
  • Approximately 30 minutes of audio training
  • Identify Your Needs and Your Dealbreakers
  • Map out a plan to overcome the obstacles hindering your relationship
  • Establish Communication Rules
  • Decide when to fight and how
  • Receive the Being Love Guided Meditation
  • Plus, get a complimentary 20 minute coaching session with Charlene

Being Love Guided Meditation will help you:

  • Learn and appreciate that you, yourself just as you are are love.
  • Accept love from others.
  • Rest in the love that originates from you.
This is a digital product. Author makes no guarantee to the effect of this planner on your relationship.


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