Lessonings From The Law of Attraction

Last weekend I went to an Abraham-Hicks Vortex of Attraction workshop led by Esther Hicks. Below you will find my key takeaways.

Before I jump in though I want to clarify that I personally do not believe in the channeling of spirits. I’m not speaking to the intentions or integrity of anyone. I’m just stating for the record, because it’s important to me to be authentic and honest and not to ever mislead anyone. I am not endorsing any spiritual channeling. If you believe in the channeling of spirits or Abraham (apparently a collection of spirits), great! You’ll enjoy this post. If you do not believe in such channeling that is also perfectly fine. I learned through my research that Jerry Hicks (Esther’s deceased husband whom she started this business with) was a motivational speaker at Amway (a network marketing company) earlier in his career.

Whether you believe the learnings below are from spiritual entities named Abraham or that they are great motivational/self improvement/personal growth content doesn’t really matter. The content is great. I took about 8 pages of notes in an essentially 3 hour workshop. (If you want to hear what I heard I believe you can purchase CDs of the actual event. This was the Houston, TX , April 15th, 2017 event. We were quoted a price of $65. You may have to call. I don’t see specific workshops for sale on the website.)

Okay! Now that the housecleaning is out of the way – here’s what I have to share!

Don’t Kill Your Desires With Doubt

If your desires feel good to you it means you’re not killing them with doubt. If they don’t feel good to you it is likely that you are killing them softly with doubt. One thing mentioned repeatedly is that we should focus on things that feel good to us. If there’s a conflict – you have two choices – choose the one that feels good to you. Focusing on things that don’t feel good to you takes you away from who you are. Doubt doesn’t do anything. It’s just an indicator of what you’re focused on.

Focus on what feels good despite the chaos around you.

Be A Focused Creator

Be mindful of what you are creating in your life. Don’t just be an observer of what’s going on around you.  If you spend all your time focusing on what is, you’re locking yourself into what is and not what could be. Staying focused on what you lack or your current situation prevents new and improved situations from coming into your life. You are a powerful creator who has come to earth to explore.

Don’t let the squeaky wheel get the grease. In other words don’t spend all your time and energy focused on the squeaky wheel, the thing that demands your attention at the expense of your true desires. I talk about this is a podcast episode on creating balance. The squeaky wheel could be a demanding boss, a needy family member or financial stresses. It can be tempting to divert all of your attention to the squeaky wheel in an attempt to quiet it. That may seem like the rational, peaceful, ideal thing to do. However, you have to stay focused on what you are intentionally creating and not get distracted by less important things.

How do you not concern yourself with what is? Let go of the defense or rationalization of what is. Don’t debate and argue with others. If your desire is less active than your belief your desire loses. When a desire is new it’s not as strong as an active belief is. Don’t reinforce unhealthy or limiting beliefs by trying to debate against them. Think of trying to convince a friend that a new opportunity is the right move for you. This is a new desire. It’s weak. Your friend, who means well, counters your arguments with rhetoric that supports your older, stronger limiting beliefs. The older beliefs will win every time.

Stay focused on what you are creating. Do not open the door to debate against your desires.  Usually when you debate with someone about your plans, strategies, goals, it leads nowhere. I speak from personal experience. They’re steadfast in their position. You’re steadfast in yours. The only thing that you accomplish is planting seeds of doubt. See lesson above.

The other thing you can do to concern yourself with what is is to focus on what you want. You can’t withdraw your attention from anything. You can only give your attention to something. Don’t try to not think about something. Purposely choose to think about your desires.

Quiet Your Mind

Quiet your mind to stop the momentum of negative thoughts and emotions. Negative emotions are tensions you feel when the physical you isn’t going along with the larger or inner you.

Your inner being is constantly giving you ideas and suggestions because it knows what you want. (See The Truth About Purpose podcast episode). You have a friend with a broader perspective. This “friend” knows where you are in relation to what you want. It knows the path of least resistance for you and can guide you around your negative beliefs.

Be a receiver of what you want. Listen to your inner being. Otherwise you will bang out your desires and goals the hard way.

How do you quiet your mind? Set aside 15-20 minutes to meditate and quiet your thoughts. You can choose to focus on the ticking of a clock or a flame flickering as examples. When you do this other thoughts will become less active and you will become a vibrational match to your inner being. Quieting your mind distracts you from what you don’t want.

You can isolate your thoughts and tune into who you are. When you stop all thought by quieting your mind and meditating you stop resistant thought. The absence of resistant thought allows positive thoughts to strengthen.

Follow the Impulse

Follow your impulses, particularly during/after meditation. Follow the impulse of the first conscious thought. See where it leads you. If you’re doing anything other than listening to your impulse you’re getting yourself off track. When resistance is down and desire is up the timing is right. You will get the impulse.

Be Here And Satisfied…And Here and Satisfied….And Here and Satisfied

The formula for happily ever after is being here and satisfied. Wherever here is. And then when you move to that next place be there and satisfied. Always reach for satisfaction. This goes along with the first point of doing what feels good to you. Esther defines happiness as “focus with little to no resistance.” This can be a struggle because the “tangible is intoxicating.” Don’t I know it? We all want to see results. We want to see the physical manifestation of what we’re working towards. When we don’t see it at the exact moment of when we thought we’d see it we get dissatisfied and unhappy.

Practice getting as far as you can into the day feeling satisfaction. And tomorrow try to go a little further. When you’re satisfied you’re cuing yourself up to be even more satisfied.

Be satisfied to be satisfied. Your momentum towards achieving what you desire increases in satisfaction. If you don’t show yourself you can be satisfied where you are you will be waiting on another ship for the rest of your life. And another ship. And another ship.

Adopt the attitude of happy now…happy now…happy now.

If It Feels Hard You’re Not Ready

If something feels hard you’re not ready. If there’s resistance you’re not ready. Resistance can sound like, “It’s not fair.” or “It’s just not right.” The difference between desire and belief creates resistance.

If something feels easy you’re ready. Go with the flow not against it. Trying to get the bugs out of the trouble spot puts more bugs in it.

If you can’t decide what to focus on focus on the subject that flows. The one with the least resistance. Stay off of subjects that make you focus on what you don’t have. Stay off the ones that make you feel dissatisfied.

When there’s no resistance things move fast.

Strive for clarity and not confusion.

Be Ready to Be Ready to Be Ready

Esther talks about going to look at a beautiful house on the beach. It was gorgeous and she wanted it. Until she heard the price. And then all these negative emotions and worries came up for her. I can totally relate. You want to buy something; maybe a new car or a new house and then the price really freaks you out! You’re worried about making payments on something you haven’t even purchased yet. You’re trying to rearrange bills or cut cable channels. It stresses you out before you’ve even had a chance to enjoy the darn thing. Esther says this friction means you are not ready. Remember, if it feels hard you’re just not ready.

But……..you can be ready to be ready to be ready. When the manifestation of what you want is the next logical step for you, take the step. When it is not simply be ready to be ready to be ready.

You don’t demand the universe or God to give you anything. You prepare yourself. You get ready.

If you don’t get going in the direction of what you want your dissatisfaction will keep growing. If your desires call you and you don’t follow you will become more unhappy.

Stay ready to be ready to be ready.

You Won’t Find Satisfaction Hating Someone

The subject of Donald Trump came up. To this Esther said that you won’t find satisfaction hating or judging someone else. Assigning the responsibility to another person will not make you feel better. You will feel better when you come into alignment. If you’re not waiting on something or someone to be removed you are free. Otherwise you are in eternal bondage.

Whee! Over 1600 words later. Lol. Again I really thought it was a great workshop. I would highly recommend it. Hope my write-up is useful to you!

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